1 Simple Trick to Not Get Sick

If you want to have a f—edcompany, the best way to do that is not work. Most people who weren’t able to work in the 2015 year were sick rather than lazy. Even though there are plenty of lazy people out there, they are scared of getting fired if they are too obvious about it.

So people who want to keep getting their paychecks are forced to work even when they are sick and this does nobody any good. The best way to maintain a strong company is to make sure the employees are healthy and working all the time. You may not have a budget for all the healthiest food and activities like Google, Apple or Facebook, but you probably have other ways you can take advantage.

The best thing you can do to not get sick is…. strengthen your immune system! You may have never heard of the methods to do this, but we are going to explain them in depth.

  1. Cold therapy – if you use cold therapy, there is a good chance you’ll be able to strengthen your immune system in a powerful way. Most people who use this kind of therapy have to do it over a long-period (it’s no magic pill), but it will help to prevent illness.
  2. Reishi mushroom – this is a nootropic compound and a powerful anti-oxidant. Many people who take reishi mushroom experience immune boosting properties. There is a lot of value in using reishi mushroom as a way of improving your immune system.
  3. Fish oil – the final option that you can utilize to your advantage is omega-3 DHA and EPA. The best form of fish oil is in the form of krill oil, but either way you will see tremendous benefits.

Using any of these options is going to have you experiencing a far more profound work experience hopefully free from illness.